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Take a New Feel with our Hotel Management System

Blackhat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Provide You To Hotel Management System With Full Featured System To Manage The Entire Residential Facility . In This Module Will Keep The Updated Records Of Customer's Allocated Room, Meal, Fee ,Hotel Room Management, Room Allocation And Leave, And Manage Mess Details, Inventory Management Of Mess, Report Generations And Other Facilities,Pick & Drop.

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Core Feature Of Hotel Management System

blackhat technologies
blackhat technologies


Here Add customer and reserve rooms.Search,allows the user to search for reservations based on an extensive set of criteria


Here you can Add Room,View room,room type,room status,room type,price,history.


Here you can manage reception.Reception can manage new enquiry,follow enquiry,guest hospitality


In this section you can view Guest Details History mean when guest is book room,purpose for booking and more.


Rooms status,ongoing communication between housekeeping and desk,user update of guest room status:Vacant,Dirty,Clean,Out of order.


Here displays guests in house,expected arrivals&departure,and gives the total number of guests in house for next day,how much food need to cook.


Here can manage your stocks,manage expense,and credited income,History of invoices.


This is to show multiple reports like visitor,guest,food,stock,balance,feedback,debit-credit.



  • No Branding
  • Sub Domain
  • Core Modules
  • Support Response 2-3 Days
  • Limited Bandwidth
  • Weekly Backup


  • Branding
  • Domain
  • Core Modules
  • Support Response 1-2 Days
  • Advanced Reports
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Daily Backup


  • Branding
  • Domain & Website
  • Core Modules
  • Support Response Same
  • Advanced Reports
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Daily Backup

* All Plan Are Available on Monthly Rental.
* Any Selected Plans Are Available On Per User Based Payment.

Managing Hotel Become Easier

Managing a Hotel has Always been Challenging But Our Softwares Made it Very Easy

An Easy and affordable cloud based hotel management system with lots of beautiful features to make your day even more better & easier.

Hotel Management Software In Patna


You can also add Payment Gateway, SMS Integration & Customize your software by selecting any plan.this is available with any selected plan.

SMS Integration

For Sending SMS

* Extra Fee Can be Applied which is depend on development time and work complexity

Payment Gateway

For Making Online Payment

* Extra Fee Can be Applied which is depend on development time and work complexity

More Customization

For Customized Software

* Extra Fee Can be Applied which is depend on development time and work complexity

Support Available

blackhat technologies

24X7 Support

We Provide 24x7 access to online technical support with high success rate and customer satisfaction Levels.

blackhat technologies

Cloud Based App.

It functions within the cloud, acting similarly to a web-based app, but also like a native desktop application.

blackhat technologies

Daily Backup

We Provide Daily Backup System which is use to restore your data in data loss situation.

Software Application Available On

blackhat technologies

Web Based Apps.

This software is available on website based application so your can use app from any where on your browser.

blackhat technologies

Software Apps.

This Application is available on Software so your can use app on your desktop.our software is user friendly.

blackhat technologies

Android Apps.

This Application is available on android mobile.user do is task on his mobile phone by very simple steps



Blackhat Technologies HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a web-based software which is provide you to access easily form anywhere.our hotel management system software offers the easiest way to manage your reservations and hotel.It also has all the automated reports and graphs which show your hotel growth.admin can control full rate and seasonal discounts.

Why should i use your Hotel Management app?

Because of our hotel management system software is web application based so admin/user can get real time status of hotel.You won’t need to do paper work/manual work anymore on here. It is safe and secure technology base is web based app so admin can access it from anytime anywhere.

Is there an inquiry or feedback section?

Yes,we provide you inquiry section for your visitor .and your customer can also provide feedback here after checkout.

Are you add point or referring based system here?

Yes, we can add point based system,referring based system here but it is in customization plan so you have to contact us .

Can Customers order meal or anything here?

Yes, customers can order meal,tea, coffee,any paid service ,etc here via digital menu card or manually using phone call the bill is automatically add with room allotment bill.

Can anyone use the Hotel Software Application?

Yes, Anyone can use or work on our software but that user must know basic of computer. Blackhat Technologies designed hotel management system very easy to work and use all steps are made with tooltip which is help to user how to follow steps.

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